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Submission of Photographs Taken by Members of the Public


Members of the public are invited to submit their images for display on our website provided they meet our criteria for quality and subject matter (interesting holiday photograhs are welcome). We reserve the right to edit and use any images submitted for the purposes of publicity, promotion and/or brochures etc but not for commercial gain without prior approval/agreement of the copyright owner. Images of an historical nature are very welcome and photographs that require scanning will be returned. Submissions must be time dated, include the name and address and age, if under 16 years, of the photographer, and indicate the location where acquired. Submission does not confer an automatic right of display which will be decided on merit, subject matter, image quality and space available. Photographers of all ages and abilities are welcome to make submissions. Image files should be submitted via the email address titled 'Photographs' and should not exceed 4mb. Larger files should be submitted by flash drive to Peter at 3 St Peters Close, Knapton. All images displayed will receive accreditation and all media storage will be returned.

 Holiday Snaps

Victor Harbor - South Australia
(The Causeway to Granite Island) 

 The Causeway - Horse Drawn Tram

Granite Island Seal

Seal Carving - Granite Island

Parking - Arabian Style