Knapton Parish Council - Knapton, Norfolk, UK.
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Knapton Parish Council

The Parish Council is the first tier of local government for the parish of Knapton in North Norfolk, a rural area centred on the village of Knapton. Seven Councillors are elected, or co-opted, every four years to represent the interests of their fellow residents of the village. The Council meets on a monthly basis in Knapton Village Hall to discuss the operation and upkeep of Parish Council facilities, as well providing representation on a variety of other local issues.


Parish Councillors are volunteers and come from various backgrounds. Each year the Council elects a Chairman and Vice-Chairman to oversee the conduct of meetings. The Council employs a Parish Clerk whose primary role is to advise the Councillors, report on activities, produce minutes of the meetings, deal with correspondence and maintain the Council's finances.


Anyone interested in becoming a Parish Councillor should contact the Parish Clerk to ascertain whether there are any vacancies and click here for details. The next Parish Council Elections will be held in May, 2023.


Council Funding:

The Council is funded in two ways: by income generated from the precept which is the money collected from village taxpayers as a part of the Council tax bill issued by North Norfolk District Council, and money raised by the Parish Council through its own activities, principaly, the rental of allotments.


Higher Tiers of Government:

Currently, Knapton falls within the Mundesley Division of Norfolk County Council, Trunch Ward of North Norfolk District Council, the North Norfolk parliamentary consituency and the Eastern UK constituency of the European Parliament.

 View of the The Church - From Pond Lane