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Home Watch
Last updated 31.08.2013

What is Home Watch?

Home Watch (also known as Neighbourhood Watch) involves residents coming together to create safer communities in which to live. It operates through a network of district associations and schemes that:  

  • are run by residents and are supported by the police
  • are set up using guidelines approved by Norfolk Constabulary
  • vary in size
  • are maintained by a Co-ordinator and sometimes a small committee who manage the scheme and liaise with police and partners
  • take steps to prevent crime and anti-social behaviour

Objectives of Home Watch

Home Watch in Norfolk has four main objectives:

To prevent crime

By improving security, being the 'eyes and ears' of your neighbourhood and protecting the most vulnerable members of the community.

To help with the detection of criminals

By sharing information with the police allowing them to be intelligence-led.

To reduce undue fear of crime

By providing accurate information about risks, supporting victims, promoting a sense of security and a caring community.

To improve Police-Community relations

Through regular contact between Home Watch and the police.


We are currently seeking someone to take over as the Chief Co-ordinator for the Home Watch scheme in Knapton and anyone who might be interested should make contact with the parish clerk who will be happy to answer any questions you may have about how the scheme operates and what is involved. In the meantime, those wishing to register should request details of how to do so from the parish clerk. Do not forget, some, but not all insurance companies offer a discount on premiums for home insurance to members of Home Watch schemes so it may well be worth your while to become a member. Don't forget to ask at the time of renewing your policy. Who knows, you could get lucky.


The Parish Clerk may be contacted by email at or by telephone on (01263) 720 356


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